Using HGH to Maximize Your Muscle Gains

If you are thinking about becoming a competitive body builder or just want to look good in a tight shirt then you should consider using human growth hormones (HGH). There has been a huge explosion in the various types of HGH supplements like GHRP-2 but not all of them are going to help you reach your muscle building goals. You should not purchase any HGH supplements until you first understand how the body builds muscle or you could end up wasting both time and money.

Anatomy 101


Don’t worry we are not going to use complicated medical terminology! In order to build new muscle you first need to stimulate the release of human growth hormones in the body. To stimulate the release of these hormones you have to lift heavy weights on a regular basis either at a gym, home, or while doing a manual labor job. While forcing your muscles to exert there will be strands of muscle fibre that will become damaged and break. This “breaking” of the muscle fibers is the first step in the muscle building process.

When the body detects the muscles are damaged it will release human growth hormones into the blood stream. These hormones are used to rebuild tissue including muscles by telling the muscle cells to begin absorbing protein and rebuilding muscle. It stands to reason that the more HGH there is in the blood the more rapid your muscle recovery. As we age the amount of HGH in our blood decreases so there are alternatives like GHRP-2 which is designed to augment our waning HGH levels to more sustainable levels.  While taking these HGH supplements does help promote the growth of new muscle you are still required to train and eat properly.

Things to Keep in Mind When Training

The human body is highly adaptive so if you are constantly doing the same exercises over and over again you will not see long-term, meaningful results. Our body develops a condition known as “muscle memory” where our muscles become familiar with the repetitive movements we do. While in this situation our body will not release HGH to optimum levels because the muscles are not being tested. When you vary your exercises to include a combination of resistance and high intensity impact training (HIIT) your muscles will have no choice but to grow.

Importance of Being Consistent

Human beings naturally want immediate results and are not willing to put in the work required. What you need to do is develop a daily routine so your body is constantly being challenged. By forcing your body to constantly adapt to new challenges you are more likely to see a positive response which should help keep you motivated. The one determining factor on whether you will be successful building muscles and keeping them long-term is whether you are consistent with your training. We all fall off the wagon so to speak from time to time but if you remain steadfast you should see meaningful results.