SEO Awareness While Starting Up Your First Blog

Apart from the first half dozen steps to be followed in regard to setting up your first blog from the outset and subsequently writing up and publishing your first post, one of the most important lessons that you will be taught has everything to do with the importance of being fully aware, at all times, about SEO. If you follow recommended online learning tools and guides like, you will probably find that this important subject will be sub-divided into several lessons, or at least several easy to follow steps.

Do not budge from what may seem like lots of hard work on the surface. Because after following those laid down steps that you will only really find easy to follow within expertly drawn up guides like, you will reap the rewards down the line. The fundamental reward in this regard will always be enjoying regular recognition for your regularly published work. One easily overstepped or missed lesson is the important focus on your website’s landing page.

For understandable reasons to do with the excitement of learning and experiencing new things, more focus is placed on the composition of regular posts. But in keeping with creating content that is fresh and original and being deliberately sparse with the use of your effective keyword selections, you can still keep your blog consistently high up in search engine rankings by putting a lot more oomph into the way your landing page must be composed, look and feel.

Another matter easily overlooked is the SEO (search engine optimization) relationship with visuals. The search engine is not only drawn to smartly chosen word phrases, it is also drawn to visual impressions with photographs being the most popularly used medium. This is online iconography at its best. The system has the ability to recognize iconic images often sought after by regular users and accordingly rank it.

This can be easily explained by way of an example. If you have chosen the challenging subject of current affairs and politics with an emphasis on Africa, for instance, you can graphically design an iconic impression of Nelson Mandela. But you need to be careful of taking liberties. It is quite easy to download images already in existence on the internet, and it is still quite easy to borrow these even if there is a specific notice attached to the image’s peg that states that it is the property of a third party, but somewhere down the line, you can do harm to your new blog’s reputation.

Because someone out there may not take kindly to you using his or her work without permission. Speaking of which, no harm was ever done in politely asking. The worst that could happen is that the owner will only say no. There are plenty more effective images to choose from. Finally, your recommended hosting platform also assists you well in regard to choosing themes that are also SEO effective.